Hi everyone.

I’ve recently finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers so I wanted to share my thoughts!


Eclipse is the third novel in Stephenie Meyer’s popular Twilight series. Since the author doesn’t spend too much time explaining the story-lines of the previous novels I strongly suggest you read Twilight and New Moon because -You’d be something like @_@ reading Eclipse without having read them

-They’re awesome

Eclipse is primarily a romantic saga, so Bella and Edward’s relationship is the primary focus of the novel. Although there might be some teenagey things in the book you can’t really call it inappropriate.

Enjoy my video and some written opinions 🙂

Overall the book is: awesome, amazing, fantastic

What I would change about it: it seems to me like it’s over-complicated

What I really appreciate in it: the humour

This book is for age: I would say 13 and up since it’s quite complicated 🙂

For me this book lacked the magical quality that made Twilight stand out from the crowd of vampire romances available in bookstores today. Don’t misunderstand me – Eclipse is still a really great catch.

The book didn’t feel like it was over 600 pages long, I literally flew through the pages and had to make a conscious effort to slow down my reading so I didn’t finish the whole book in a couple of sittings.

Well there you have it!

In my opinion this book is so worth reading even tho you may not like fantasy or teen books.

Now imma bury my head in Breaking Dawn bye!

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