Yogurt cake recipe

Today is the day when you’ll learn the sacred recipe for yogurt cake. Glorious, easy, simple, delicious, amazing!

Here you have a video and a written recipe :).

Recipe: This recipe is measured in quantities – for example cups – I used a glass of 250g.

8 eggs

2 quantities of yogurt (I did 1 regular yogurt and 1 drinking yogurt)

2 quantities of sugar

Mix em’ up with a wisk and add

1 quantity of oil

Wisk again and now its the part where you can get creative and add extras for example: vanilla, nuts, grated lemon or lime, cinammon, go crazy 😀

Add 6 quantities of flour and make two holes in which you add 2x10g baking powder and salt by taste.

Mix carefully, put the batter in a buttered tray and put it in the preheated oven at 160℃ and, depending on your tray, leave it in for 45-60min

Voila, enjoy!

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